Watch out PA, here comes Sharla Tann!

Crack of Death by Sharla Tann

The Second Worst Book in the World

has been accepted for publication by PublishAmerica!

This exciting erotic thriller fiction novel is the emotional spine-chilling, story of the beautiful hairdresser Nancy whose life spirals out of control when she meets an exotic, Latino hunk. Little does Audrey know that Roberto is in fact a dangerous Colombian Mafia Drug Barren. Can she escape the clutches of Cucaracha, Espadrillo (aka The Wedgie) and, their Boss, the wicked La Madre? From the seething underbelly of Colombian drugs to the evil web of intrigue in London Nancy is swept up in swirling mail-storm of lust drugs and bloodshed that will change her life if she escapes with it forever right up to the cliffhanger ending where the kindly dashing Scotland Yard detective Garry Lamont crosses swords with intrepid FBI agent Duane Malaysia for her life and love. But is it too late?……. This dreadful book – accepted by author mill PublishAmerica – is so bad, it’s good! All proceeds go to, supporting writers and exposing scammers everywhere!M

Message from the author:

“I’m so thrilled to see my deathful prose in print. It’s the culmination of all my hopes and dreams and it’s exactly what the readers deserve.”
–Sharla Tann

What the critics say about Crack of Death:

Crack of Death bent me right over the barrel and delivered a powerful load! Don’t miss it, if you can!”
— P.N. Elrod

Crack of Death was an experience that no reader should miss. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made my fingers ache through turning the pages so fast. The emotions welled up in me so much I developed a chest infection through trying to hold them in. Eventually I let them loose like the bowels of an incontinent man covering this book in the glory it deserves.”
–Nichola Feeney

Please spread the word; you may reproduce this post on your blogs or anywhere it may be read.
Especially, please read the page “The Inside Story” where an ex-PA employee tells her sordid tale.



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3 responses to “Watch out PA, here comes Sharla Tann!

  1. Holly Kennedy

    Congratulations! Sounds like a great story. I’m looking forward to reading it. All the best from a fellow author from Canada.

  2. ORION

    Oh my! This had got to be on my bookshelf.
    BTW I just noticed our blog templates ARE the same.
    Very nice taste ARUNA!

  3. Rashenbo

    LOL! heheheheheheh

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