Aruna’s Law

Ever heard of Aruna’s Law? Probably not; but you may have experienced it.
I am Aruna. And though I didn’t invent the law, I have observed it time enough, and I know it’s true.
Aruna’s Law is this: The Call always comes when you least expect it. Or, conversely: The Call never comes when you’re waiting for it.
So what was I to do, now that Ms Dream Agent had warned me that she’d call? Force myself NOT to expect it? Waaah!
So from around midday my time – that’s the start of the New York workday – I busied myself with – cleaning. And made an extra effort to Keep My Mind on the Cleaning, and stop eyeing the telephone; because of course it wouldn’t ring as long as I eyed it!
It was hard. Very hard. And because it was so hard, The Call didn’t come till very late in the day, when I had convinced myself I had only dreamed up that morning’s mail.
See? Aruna’s Law proven once again! It only came when I had given up!

Of course, I had prepared myself. First of all, I had to decide what to do about the many outstanding agents who still had my manuscript in full or partial, and still hadn’t Called. (IN CASE she made an offer. But I wasn’t going to assume anything, you understand. This was Just In Case…)
Professionalism called for informing them all that an offer of Representation Is On The Table, and nudging them to read and decide. If one or the other of these agents decided to offer as well I would have a choice; which is a good position for a novelist to be in.
But I already knew. In my books, enthusiasm means speed, and vice versa. If those agents hadn’t read my manuscipt all summer long then they had probably lost whatever enthusiasm they had had initially.
And the one thing I wanted above all was enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means drive, power, a magical spark.
If that wasn’t there… so I dismissed all these agents mentally.
But there was one other agent who had a partial, requested at the same time as Dream Agent. A William Morris agent, which in my eyes means power. And to besides, an older experienced agent… shouldn’t I wait to see what she had to say?
I tend not to make decisions with my head. I listen to my heart. And my heart told me very clearly what to do.
So, befofe DreamAgent made her Call, I had already made my decision.
The Call came. She elaborated on much of what she had said in the mail, and offered representation. And without skipping a beat, I said. yes.


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