The Circle Closes

And so, as of September 30th 2006,
Emily Saladino of Writers House is my agent.
Let’s raise a glass to that!

Just one more word:
My last post might have given the impression that, following my heart, I rushed into her representation. But it wasn’t quite like that.
There were two agents in the running at this time. I researched them both. I wanted know more about them; more than book sales and top-notch clients. I wanted to know: what are they really like? Can I work with this person? Can I trust her to do her best for me? How high is her enthusiasm for my book?
There were non-verifiable intangibles behind the names that I simply couldn’t pick up from a website or a page on PublishersMarketplace.
What I wanted were reports from other clients.
Apart from sales reports, I could not find anything on the William Morris agent. Not a single article or mention anywhere. No enthusiastic client singing her praises. Of course, I had the option of contacting a few of those clients myself and asking: how is she to work with? I was looking for human element, because in my book it’s that that causes a business relationship to succeed or fail. I wanted an agent I could harmonize with. I wanted good chemistry.

Googling Emily, on the other hand, I found this:

The last couple of weeks were like an extended speed-dating experience, spent looking for the perfect partner among the agents who’d offered representation. Each one I spoke with had unique qualities and experiences I valued. But when I talked with Emily, we both felt agent-author chemistry, and I knew almost instantly she was The One. She’s vibrant, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced. And I love her roll-up-the-sleeves commitment to me, my project, and our mutual success.

Excuse me if I don’t hang around to write a more detailed post. I’m just too excited to sit still.

Written by a certain Melodye Shore on her LiveJournal.

I think of myself as an intuitive person. And reading that post by newport2newport, I knew. It was not just that Melodye had been through the same process and chosen Emily; I felt the chemistry through the ether. And I felt it through the phone when Emily spoke to me.
She was, indeed, The One.

There’s now not much to say about the months that followed.
Emily asked for a revision; she gave me notes to work from. There was a problem of pacing, and of secondary characters. I made the revisions, sent them in; she asked for a further tightening up. I removed over 1000 more words. We’d planned to submit at the end of November, but as the revisions took me into December Emily let know that she felt it would be better to wait till after the holiday season. In the meantime, she’d passed White Night to other Writers House colleagues and the feedback was good; “they think you’re a terrific writer”, she said, and January was simply a better time to submit.

And that, my friends, brings us to the present. Emily submitted my manuscript in mid-January. The waiting has begun.
But of course, I’m not waiting.
I’m abiding by Aruna’s Law.
And, in the meantime, Melodye and I have become friends. It’s she who encouraged me to start a LiveJournal – of which this is a shadow; she who asked the questions that motivated me to write this story. The circle has closed.
And I hope that by now you’re all rooting for White Night. Thanks for following me this far on this sometimes crazy, sometimes sad, sometimes ecstatic journey!, and I hope I can report good things in the weeks to come!



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5 responses to “The Circle Closes

  1. Therese Fowler

    Well, Sharon, you’ve certainly worked hard to get back to here, and I admire that greatly!

    I’m rooting for you!

  2. Therese Fowler

    p.s. I’m not certain, but I think I may have had some (very positive) dealings with Ms. Emily S….

    Don’t hold me to this, but, when I was working for the lit journal Obsidian III, I dealt with her (possibly) while squaring up details on how to handle our Octavia Butler business after Ms. B’s untimely death.

    Not that this matters so much…


    In any event, all best wishes for you. Keep us posted.

  3. poetinahat

    Another example of intuition being successful — that heartens me! Congratulations on your successful connection; here’s to imminent news of a happy result!

  4. Kiskadee

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Theres and poet! And yet, the Quest is not over – on and on and on it goes; you climb one hill only to find another in front of you. But what would life be without challenges?
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Lexa Roséan

    Hi Aruna
    I like your blog and would like to do a link exchange. My writing blog is Sejant Before the Muse

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